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An island with hardly flat areas, can only be a paradise for riders interested in climbing as well as in riding trails. We offer tours for different levels. Some will be more technical, some will have more uphill meters, but all these tours will focus on discovering Madeira. To explore Madeira to the fullest make sure you are prepared for some challenging climbs and technical trails.


Are you new in mountain biking and you would like to improve your bike skills or you just look for a more relaxed tour? Don´t worry! With the help of our guides we will explore the best way for you. You can mnake your tour with a maximum distance of 40km, mainly downhill and flat riding, magnificent viewpoints and a lunch stop in a local bar on the way. This is for sure one of the best ways to explore Madeira.


You probably came to this page because you know Madeira has some of the best riding from summit to sea level, crossing rocky trails, rain forest, root trails and eucalyptus forest, most of the time surrounded by magnificent sea views! To enjoy Madeira to the fullest be prepared for some of the most challenging trails and you will be rewarded with the best nature Madeira has to offer.