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How does it work?

  • Choose an experience you would like to offer. 

  • Send us a an online request or send us an email to
    info@lokolokomadeira.com  with the name of the lucky person
    and the special date

  • We will then send you the payment details and deliver you
    your Lokoloko Gift Voucher (per email)

  • The person who will receive the voucher will have up to 1 year
    to book the experience with us *

* Conditions of use

  • All Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 year

  • Required to present the Lokoloko Gift Voucher on the day of the activity 

  • We only accept bookings made until the last day of validity of the voucher

  • Lokoloko Gift Vouchers are not refundable

  • Free vouchers are only valid when voucherholders are intergrated in an already existing group

How to book a Gift Voucher experience?

  • Contact us with your voucher number and the dates you have available to book your experience
    We will organize all for you!

Can you change the experience?

  • Yes, as long as the price of the new activity is lower or the same as the offered experience
    If not, we will charge the difference

  • At any time, we do not return money 

  • Free vouchers are only changable into Lokoloko's specialities (canyoning, mountainbike and kayak/snorkeling)

Is it possible to extend the validity?

  • Yes, as long as the request is made within the valid period of the voucher

  • But for the extension we will charge following costs:

> to extend for 1 month more: € 10 per voucher

> to extend for 6 months more: € 25 per voucher 

Can I pass the voucher to someone else?

  • Yes, for € 5 we will change the name so someone else can use the voucher

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